Young Children

The Young Children's Area

"Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te rangatiratanga mo nga uri whakatipu

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations".

Teina and Tuakana Groups

Teina Group (Ages 2 to 3 1/2 years old)

Primary caregivers will follow the children's cues and interests and also follow through the care moments of nappies, toilet learning, sleeping, settling and eating. 

The Teina Group also has their own age appropriate mat time before lunch.

Tuakana Group (Ages 3 1/2 approx to 5/6 years) 

Primary caregivers will follow the children's cues and interests and also follow through the care moments of nappies, toilet learning, settling and eating. They also introduce transition to school for the near 5 year olds. 

The Tuakana Group also has their own age appropriate mat time before lunch.

Just as educators guide children, so do environments. At Campus Corner we want to ensure all environments are supportive of each child’s age range. To do this, we have allocated teachers to have a focus on both age groups. All teachers interact, follow interests and plan for all children in the Young Children’s Area however having teachers allocated to focus on each age group means all care moments, learning and environments are age appropriate. Kaiako will consider how environments and materials can be arranged to support transitions. 

Primary Care/Needs Based Care

Using a Needs based care approach at Campus Corner provides each child one primary caregiver and a buddy teacher (second primary teacher) both whom take personal responsibility for the child’s overall well-being, care moments, learning and development throughout their time at Campus Corner.

The kaiako prepare the environment to make sure it is providing activities which can settle their primary children based on their current interests. They will closely follow the child's interests and their cues using a Needs Based Care approach. To develop quality care, each child needs to form a secure attachment with their primary caregiver. The primary care giving ritual reduces stress for both a child and their parents right from the start and supports a child through their days away from their parent.  This will support their well being, needs and development  in a respectful, reciprocal environment.

The caregivers’ good relationships with one another enable them to communicate effectively about children and about who will do what, with whom, and when. They can be flexible about filling in for each other, asking the child “can I help you?" When their primary caregiver is unavailable. There is a sense of working together, cooperation and communication, and everyone pitching in. 

Transition to school

At Campus Corner Early Learning Centre  we recognise that the learning environments at primary school are quite different to that of early childhood education settings. Young children look forward to going on to school or kura, and they expect it to be different, but they do not always anticipate quite how different the expectations, structures and routines may be. By working together, kaiako, new entrant’s teachers, parents and whānau (and, where involved, specialist support services) can support children's learning continuity as they make this crucial transition.

Kaiako and new entrant’s teachers support children by affirming their identity and culture, connecting with and building on their funds of knowledge and having positive expectations for their learning We aim to prepare children emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically for school. We aim to empower children with a love of learning to make the transition from Campus Corner to primary school as smooth as possible. Working closely with our 4 year old's (Tuakaina Group) in group experiences we endeavor to reinforce our aims for children transitioning to school.

Campus Corner will:

What to bring along to Campus Corner

Campus Corner provides healthy morning tea and afternoon tea.

Campus Corner provides wipes for the children.

We also provide Gumboots and wet weather jackets for rainy days! 

Campus Corner provides sunscreen. If your child has an allergy to conventional sunscreen, please provide your own sunscreen. 

During the summer months we do ask parents to apply sunscreen to their child before they arrive at Campus Corner or we have some available at the sign in desk to use when you arrive.  

The teachers apply sunscreen again after lunch.

Documentation of learning journeys and magic moments

Every child at Campus Corner has a Profile Book provided for them. Your child’ primary care giver will document your child's learning journey and experiences here at Campus Corner. 

We have also introduced StoryPark so we never miss a magic moment! This online learning tool will support teachers to communicate and document learning with you as it happens! For more information check out the StoryPark Page on our website!